Fab Artisan-Online Jewelry store of Handmade Jewelry for Women and Men

 FabArtisan jewelry collection was made with emphasis on thoughtfully sourced materials. Enlivened and inspired by what we see everyday,  our handmade designs are the tangible narratives of our experiences; our work is the embodiment of our values to live simply, to create  meaningful items. We hence give importance on working with talented craftsmans and backing manufacturing associations  straightforwardly who embrace similar values.

We have been doing business since 2014 and have created numerous contacts that can supply us with extraordinary quality stock. This is combined with the way that we purchase the entirety of our stock in enormous amounts so we can offer our clients an incredible reach and wonderful, reasonable costs.

Jewelry generally have a mark-up of 10-20 times to cover their expenses of mediators, expensive retail stores, huge promoting spending plans etc. We cut it short and bring directly to you the remarkable and ageless gems assortments at value that are reasonable for our skilled creators, astounding craftsmen, and You! With no mediator, we offer profoundly fair pricing than other jewelry brands…. 

We source our supply from around the world to bring you the best materials, fashioners, and skilled workers jewelry designs which are fun, yet elegant in every style. We specialize in supplying mainly gemstone jewelry with a wide range of necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets in womens jewelry and rings, necklaces, cufflinks and bracelets etc in mens jewelry as well. 

Our jewelry is lovingly "Handmade" with unique designs and workmanship.

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